jpegSince late mid-August I’ve been training for Strongman to try and get back into shape after a rigorous period of sedentary seminarian-ing. I’m overweight again, I had to go back onto insulin. Getting back into shape is a big priority for my family and my church. But I never really planned to do this in particular, but I was searching for a strength program and bumped into this site called Lift Big Eat Big, saw the work they’re doing, and thought that this was something I could stick with! I also noticed they do consulting, but they’re in Seattle, so what’s a guy to do? They have online programming! I pay the owner a monthly fee for programming, and I send him my lift records and videos for spot-checking (though I’m about 2 weeks behind on sending them), and he then sends me another week of lifts to follow. Rinse and repeat. It’s the first program I’ve stuck to for this long, and it doesn’t feel like a chore; I really enjoy going into the gym to see what I can do. And, maybe best of all, it’s not cardio.

What I’m saying is, it’s pretty awesome.

I was incredibly surprised to both deadlift and squat 405# two weeks ago! But one thing I don’t really know are what my true 1-rep-maxes are, or what my PRs (personal records) are. This ends this week because this week is testing week!

I’m going to set my PRs for six lifts (overhead push press, bench press, squat, box squat, dead lift and overhead strict press). It’s going to be an incredible time, and I’m full of anticipation at what I might accomplish. But I’m really excited that I’ll have a better idea of where a lot of my weaknesses are so I can work on correcting them.