IOCC - International Orthodox Christian Charities

While I was still in seminary I, along with other seminarians from the US Orthodox seminaries, was able to participate in a rebuilding effort in New Orleans with the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC). It was an incredible time, and I learned an awful lot about drywall from the Habitat For Humanity guys. Leading our group was Dan Christopulos, the US representative for the IOCC, and he told us all about the great work the IOCC does around the world, and their US-based emergency response group called Frontline. These folks are incredible, going into disaster areas and providing emotional and spiritual support as well as helping with muck out / clean up. I wanted to join up but wasn’t able to get in until 2015. So far I’ve only represented IOCC here in WV during the floods of 2016, and even then it was 10 or 12 days after the actually event.Continue reading