This change was wrought by the right hand of the Most High! (c. Josh Cole)

As some of you know I was recently ordained to the diaconate then priesthood, and installed over the course of four days. It was a busy and beautiful time, one that I wasn’t fully able to process for several days after we moved into our house here in Chas. Part of the ordination in the Orthodox Church is a declaration from the ordinand, giving a bit of history on how he reached this point, showing a sincere understanding of the Task At Hand, and also giving thanks to God for the people in his life who have shaped him to be the man he is at that time. Since we had to time everything so quickly we weren’t able to have many of our loved ones present with us, and so they didn’t get to hear me say before my God, my Metropolitan, and the Church how much they changed my life leading up to the point of ordination. Well, loves, four months to the day, here’s to you; you’re an amazing bunch of God-kept people!

Note: Because I use some Greek words that may be unfamiliar I will use [editor’s brackets] and links if needed.Continue reading

“What, do you think you’re more Orthodox if you wear it? Do you think it’s somehow more holy? Oooo so holy! Wear the collar!”

This is representative of an idea that many recent or current seminarians  have heard when the subject of wearing the anteri versus Roman collar as an Orthodox priest in America*. And it’s a valid concern for us, to worry if we’re screwing something up with our clerical wear. Heck, before I was ordained I was fairly sure I planned to wear a collar, but I ultimately decided to wear an anteri instead. It’s come up in several conversations since I moved down to Charleston that I wear my Anteri (or, fancy black dress as some of the citizens say!) as my daily dress, and not the more ubiquitous clerical shirt. I know this has come up (non-negatively) when talking to some of my parishioners, and the general consensus is that I may be one of the first in the parish’s history to wear one. Well, why do I wear it anyway?Continue reading

It seems like since I’ve come to Charleston I’ve had so many amazing conversations with people about their experiences, or something they read, or something I preached on, that I always feel like there could be some follow up.  But honestly, I just have a ton of incredible people in my Parish that have already taught me quite a bit. I also enjoy writing about what’s going on in my life and the lives of my family.  Also, I just like to write.

Expect some of the following things on this blog:

  • Posts pertaining to the life or happenings at St. John Greek Orthodox Church
  • Posts pertaining to practical Orthodoxy. (Orthopeeps: I’m no Ochlophobist, Fr. Damick, or Fr. Freeman!)
  • Posts pertaining to my family – probably heavy on my adorable children.
  • Posts about my general life interests which is currently baking, gaming, listening to and collecting music, and training for Strongman (and to stay healthy!).
  • Some cute animal gifs. I love them, without shame or apology.

I’ve got a few ideas in the queue, but I’m not going to be hasty.

Dear ones, courage.