I’ve mentioned before that the Church, in her wisdom, will sometimes designate pApostleFedorZubovarticular Gospel and Epistle passages for feast day that are different than what they may usually be (like, for example, if the Transfiguration falls on a Sunday). You may have noticed that since Pascha we haven’t been reading Epistles but the Acts of the Apostles. This book tells the story of the early Christian Church, especially about the ministries of the Twelve and St. Paul’s conversion and work. In the Paschal season we’re reminded in these readings the missionary efforts, the great work, and unflinching faith of the Apostles, a small, fledgling group of men and women dedicated to the Glory of Christ. This month will be my twelfth month here at St. John; I think we’ve accomplished a lot! And as we continue moving forward we’re excited wondering what else we can do. Where can we go over the next three, five, ten years? What are our values here at St. John the Baptist? We can use the Apostles very example to shape our own mission and vision for this parish community. These are the acts that built the Christian Church!

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