If you’ve never read St. Paul’s letter to the Galatians you really should. Paul is addressing something disturbing that he’s heard, that there is someone preaching a different gospel than what was given to them originally, a person who is telling the Galatians they must be circumcised to be actual Christians. It’s a beautiful letter, full wonderful testimony of Paul’s story and his exhortations to the church in Galatia not to fall into the trap of trying to fulfil the Law, but rather to fall into the promise of God, the fulfillment of the Law, that being Christ Jesus. It’s in this Epistle that we learn the fruits of the Spirit and how they differ from the fruits of the flesh. We’re called not to be slaves to the law but a new creation in Christ!ij The passage we read today, which is the closing of the Epistle, says as much.Continue reading