Building Tables

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Sometimes necessity is the mother of building. When Pres. Jennifer was pregnant with Beatrice, we knew that the square-model dining room table wasn’t going to cut it for a family of five. We also always wanted to have a table that reflected our value of being able to entertain a large group of people over dinner. But what seminarian has two grand to drop on a big table? My dad is a very skilled craftsman and furniture refinisher, but there wasn’t a lot of opportunity during my formative years to learn about it. Naturally, I decided to build something.

So I went to some building stay-at-home mom blog and found a 10′ table template to follow. It went pretty well, I think. It took me over 30 hours to complete, partially because I didn’t really have a place to work on anything (which required me lugging stuff up and down stairs all the time) but also because I’d never actually build anything of any substance before, and I had no clue what I was doing. It also just required a lot of steps, building the pedestals and stuff. I learned so so much after this project, but ultimately wasn’t pleased with the outcome. All I know is I got a bug to build, with nowhere to build! I hoped that whenever I was placed there would be a place I could make a shop.










When we moved down here we had to cut the table in half, and figured I’d build another one once we moved into a more permanent house. Well, we did buy a house with a cool garage just for me and after building a new workbench, I built a newer, better table. It went a lot faster because I didn’t have to clean up all the time, and it gave me the opportunity to let the girls help out some, too. I also bought a router for this project, so I’m now going to start making bookcases in the house, and a new entertainment center for our living room.

wood-working-6 wood-working5 wood-working-4 wood-working-7 wood-working-8

IMG_20150809_151838 IMG_20150808_200717











I’m also very lucky to have found a local Woodworkers Guild where I can actually learn more about these things. Youtube is a fantastic place to see videos, but nothing beats a group of folks who can guide you in person, with dozens of years of experience under their belts.

Now, the only problem is scraping some money together for a table saw.