Let’s Get Back at it Again!

Just before I was ordained I was talking to the webmaster for the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church, and he told me when he was ordained his son was just a little baby. And he always thought of his baby boy as a metaphor for his own priesthood, that is, when he was ordained he was just a baby priest, and he also developed as his son developed. It’s an apt example, and I still use it to this day, because in a lot of ways when I celebrated my one-year anniversary to the priesthood I was just feeling like I got the hang of walking without having to hold onto something. This metaphor works with virtually everything from lawyers to woodworkers; we’re all developing in our respective fields.

That being said I really would like to start writing again, putting my sermons and other thoughts on here as they come up. My goal is to write at least once a week and them maybe increase from there. I don’t deign to place myself among the proverbial pantheon of superstar Orthodox bloggers, though!