Christ is Risen!

I’m sitting on a load of backlogged draft posts. At least we’re still in the Paschal Season! – +FM

Christ is Risen!

We’ve made it through our first Holy Week together, and it was such a beautiful time! What was especially beautiful was that we had Bill back with us for the week, with his trusty sidekick Bryce, the seminarian, and the chanting was on point. It was very good, and we were blessed to have a seminarian come down so we could hear these wonderful, theologically-rich hymns both in English and Greek. Bryce is a cool dude, guys. He was a junior when I was a senior, so I honestly spent no time with him. It was fantastic to get to know him, and I’m glad that my parish got to know him, too!

Not only was this our first Holy Week together at St. John it was plain my first Holy Week as a priest. I learned so much this week; and now I have a better idea of what works and doesn’t work, what I’d like to do differently. It was especially humbling that so many priests, amidst their own busy-ness of the week took time to talk (or very late-night texting) with me about things that aren’t really covered in the books, things to think about. And my parish! What a blessing it was for me to be in this community, to sing and worship with them, to anoint them and bless them. We can have this beauty all year round! We can have the beauty of Orthros and Vespers and anointing whenever we want!

Dear ones, enjoy your Paschal season. Christ is Risen!